Public debates – April 11th

On April 11th at 2pm, students at Carolina Albasio University participated in a thought-provoking online debate on sustainability, facilitated by Green Netiquette facilitated and organized by the university itself. The students had the chance to choose between several topics concerning sustainability: their first choice was the environmental impact of online shopping compared to traditional shopping.

The debate featured arguments from both sides:

  • Team “Traditional Shopping Wins” argued that online shopping generates significant environmental costs due to increased fuel consumption and carbon emissions from delivery trucks, excessive packaging waste, and the potential for overconsumption.

  • Team “Online Shopping Has Benefits” countered that online shopping can actually reduce the environmental footprint by requiring fewer individual car trips, leading to lower overall emissions. They also highlighted advancements in e-commerce logistics and packaging materials that could further minimize environmental impact.

The lively debate showcased the complexities surrounding sustainability and the importance of considering diverse viewpoints. The event served as a springboard for further dialogue on environmental challenges, encouraging Carolina Albasio students to become more conscious consumers and responsible social media users.

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