The Sustainable Web Manifesto: Paving the Path to an Eco-Friendly Digital Future

The Sustainable Web Manifesto is a call to action for a more eco-friendly approach to web design and development. In a world where digital technology is critical and central, it is fundamental to understand and manage the environmental footprint of our online presence.

The manifesto advocates for energy-efficient, high-performance, accessible, open, innovative, inclusive, and resilient approaches to the digital world, as well as recommendations to reduce the digital landscape’s carbon footprint, energy consumption, and overall ecological impact.

Key Principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto

Cleanliness 🌿

Digital services will be powered by renewable energy.

Efficiency 🌟

Digital products and services will use the least amount of energy and material resources possible.

Openness 📖

Digital products and services will be accessible, allow for the open exchange of information, and allow users to control their data.

Honesty 🤝

Digital products and services will not mislead or exploit users in their design or content.

Regenerativeness 🔄

Digital products and services will support an economy that nourishes people and the planet.

Resilience 🏠

Digital products and services will function in the times and places where people need them most.

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