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1. Sustainability Researchers 📚

These are the brainiacs who share incredible posts, articles, and research on all things sustainable. Whether it's the latest climate study or eco-friendly fashion trends, they've got it covered. Earn points for sharing your research and rise up the leaderboard!

1 Stefano Iannello Discussion: 9 gold medal
2 Pine Kats Discussion: 5
3 Eliška Nacházelová Discussion: 5
4 Eleni Modou Discussion: 4
5 Enita Sprince Discussion: 4

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These are the chatterboxes of our community, always engaging in meaningful conversations about sustainability. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and inspire others with your comments. The more you chat, the higher you'll climb!

1 Stefano Iannello Comments: 18 gold medal
2 Eleni Modou Comments: 13
3 Pine Kats Comments: 10
4 María Chiva Comments: 8
5 Miriam Stanescu Comments: 8

3. Sustainability Influencers 🌍

These are the trendsetters who create the most engaging posts on our forum. If your post sparks a lively discussion and inspires others to take action, you're on your way to becoming a Sustainability Influencer!