Youthmakers Hub (YmH) is a European non-profit organization based in Greece, specializing inCapacity Building and Communication & Dissemination for impact-driven projects in Europe and Africa. The organization’s vision is to cultivate a new generation of empowered young individuals who create positive change in their communities. YmH’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for social change by providing the necessary tools & knowledge and fostering collaborations between Europe and Africa.

The core values of Youthmakers Hub – Empowerment, Adaptability, Collaboration, Innovation, and Inclusion & Diversity – are deeply ingrained in the organization’s day-to-day principles, actions, and partnerships. As an organization, YmH embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs) as its framework, with a particular focus on SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

Youthmakers Hub aims to create and disseminate impact by designing and implementing projects that enable change in communities in Europe and Africa, providing transformative capacity building to organizations, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and innovation, utilizing cutting-edge communication and dissemination strategies, and empowering Youth (18-35 years old) with fewer opportunities. YmH’s distinctive traits are networking capacity within the Europe-Africa ecosystem, intercultural communication, experience in diverse topics, and a tailor-made approach.

The organization delivers its expertise inCapacity Building and Communication & Dissemination for projects or organizations covering various fields of operation, including Soft and Digital skills, Digital Innovation, Sustainable Development, Youth work, and Entrepreneurship, among others. Over the past four years, YmH has significantly impacted communities across Europe and Africa.

The organization has implemented 27 projects in 13 countries, empowering and training individuals through 500 physical and virtual events that benefited over 11,000 direct participants from over 380 cities and 80 countries worldwide. In addition, YmH has fostered 80 valuable partnerships and facilitated over 120 mobilities under the Erasmus+ program, further strengthening connections between Europe and Africa. In total, YmH has successfully managed €2,500,000 of EU-funded programs.

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