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Can the home office have a positive impact on company sustainability?

The home office tried a lot of people in the time of covid pandemic where everybody was for some time closed at home. Some people didn’t like it especially because there wasn’t any physical contact with the work environment and colleagues but through these issues the planet experienced a huge decrease in CO2. There are many factors that influence this positive descending trend of producing CO2 but generally travelling had the biggest impact. People didn’t have to drive to work every day, holidays wasn’t thinkable and the traffic was used mainly for cargo.
Due to this experience we can talk about the implementation of a partial home office. So employees would stay for instance 3 days at home office and 2 days at the company office. It might reduce CO2 production because employees wouldn’t have to go to work every day and they would still have physical contact with other colleagues and the company.
But the company should take into account that the offices for some days will be empty so all devices in the offices that must be connected to an energy source should be reduced to a minimum. Because of this the company will also have lower expenditures and save some money.
I am curious about your opinion in the discussion!

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4 responses to “Can the home office have a positive impact on company sustainability?”

  1. Stefano Iannello says:

    Your insights on the positive environmental impact of remote work during the pandemic are very insightful!. The idea of a partial home office, with employees working a few days remotely and a few days in the office, seems like a practical solution. It strikes a balance between reducing CO2 emissions and maintaining social connections among colleagues. Your point about optimizing energy usage in empty offices is valid and can lead to cost savings. Overall, it’s a win-win, promoting sustainability and a healthier work-life balance. Any other thoughts on potential challenges or additional considerations in implementing this model?

  2. Eliška Nacházelová says:

    Stefano, it’s definitely a win win situation. The only negative I can think of is that when we work at home, we tend to do more things at once and thus have more media open (pc, phone, tv). Or even to do other things that are not related to work ( :)) ) and thus prolong at home on the devices, because maybe we forget that we did something before. Just a little reflection. 🙂

  3. Pine Kats says:

    Concerns about empty offices are valid, but efficient energy use on those days could lead to cost savings for the company. How do we strike the right balance?

  4. Eleni Modou says:

    Absolutely, the hybrid work model you’ve discussed seems like a smart compromise that could provide both environmental and economic benefits. It’s an insightful suggestion that companies could adopt to maintain the reduced carbon footprint we experienced during the pandemic, without losing the camaraderie and collaboration that comes from face-to-face interactions. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the long term for businesses and the environment alike.

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