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Green renewable sources

Why do we need a change of conventional sources of energy
Green energy that comes from natural sources such as wind, water or sunlight can be a lot
safer and more harmless to our world. Another great advantage that is a main reason why
we should start using it is that they are naturally replenished.
Innovators have found a way to take the sun’s energy and to create sustainable solutions
that they hope would eventually replace traditional sources of energy.
Studies say that some of the deadly results of global warming emissions from sources such
as human activities and electrical production, which steadily drive up the planet’s
temperature. The rise of this burning temperature creates significant and harmful impacts
on the environment, health, and climate. With a focus on coal mining and natural gas
drilling, they can pollute sources of drinking water contrary to fossil fuels.
Renewable energy sources are safer because they produce little to no global warming
emissions. This means a reduction of air and water pollution and renewable energy sources
directly from the sun. Meaning, increasing the supply of renewable energy will reduce global
warming emissions to a significant level.
Solar is rapidly becoming one of the desirable options for power across the globe, specifically
in developing countries. With proper research and investments, renewable energy is on the
verge of becoming a stable source of energy while reducing costs, as consumers continue to
recognize the need for clean, renewable energy.

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2 responses to “Green renewable sources”

  1. Jana Balangová says:

    I agree with fact, that solar energy is one of the most sustainable sources of energy, but there might be disadvantages. In my opinion the creating process of the solar panels might be less ecological. Also, wind powered plants have lower lifetime and it might have a little impact on landscape where the plant is. But compared to other sources of energy, which are not renewable, it is much better for the environment. I agree with this article, because renewable energy sources are very important in future and we should learn to adapt.

  2. Stefano Iannello says:

    Great points! I completely agree with the need to shift to renewable energy sources. While solar energy shows promise, it’s crucial to consider the environmental impact of solar panel production and the potential drawbacks of wind-powered plants on landscapes. Nevertheless, compared to non-renewable sources, the benefits for the environment are significant. Adapting to and investing in renewable energy is indeed essential for a sustainable future.

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