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Usage of blockchain in HR

Blockchain is a database technology which is used for sharing transparent information on a company’s network safely. There are recorded transactions of the company that are secured from hackers thanks to this technology. However, companies use blockchain also for HR. Blockchain stores employee records, payroll information, VAT administration, salary history and much more.
Usage of blockchain can help to boost effective training of employees through record of skills and education of employees. This also helps to find new recruitment and potential employees more effectively. Especially in small companies finding new employees, administration and other paperwork might be „exhausting“. From the point of view of potential employees, blockchain allows them to make their own identity, so this means they don’t have to send their information to multiple companies. It saves time for both sides. If some employees do something special for the company, then the employer can provide them benefits through the blockchain, which also records the employee’s goals. Advantage is that benefits are fair thankfully to records, so nobody should complain. Another advantage of blockchain in companies is that there are recorded contracts, so all the legal requirements are shared between parties.
In summary – blockchain is very helpful to employers because it is time, paper and money saving.

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2 responses to “Usage of blockchain in HR”

  1. Rostislav Říha says:

    Interesting insights on how blockchain helps in HR. It keeps employee info safe and makes things like training and hiring smoother. With blockchain, employees control their info, and companies can easily handle contracts and legal stuff. In short, it saves time, cuts down on paperwork, and makes things clear for everyone. You have shared some very smart ideas.

  2. Stefano Iannello says:

    Absolutely agree with your insights on the multifaceted benefits of blockchain in the corporate landscape. Its secure and transparent nature not only safeguards sensitive data but also streamlines HR processes, making tasks like recruitment, administration, and record-keeping more efficient, particularly for small companies. The ability to track employee skills and achievements enhances training efforts, and the fair distribution of benefits through recorded goals is a noteworthy advantage. The time, paper, and cost-saving aspects make blockchain a valuable asset for employers. Well-articulated points!

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