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Why does HR play a key role in a company’s sustainability?

Sustainability is one of the most current issues in the world, as we try to minimise the consequences that the future may hold. And the same goes for every organization. HR probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, when you think of a company “going green.” But in fact, HR plays a fundamental role in implementing sustainable practices and at the same time, sustainability affects many HR practices.
Sustainability conducts of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. In the past, most focus has been put on environment, but now the pillar of people is getting more attention. This is where HR can contribute to overall business sustainability. HR teams have always been focused on people, the greatest resource of every company, and achieving the businesses ́ sustainability goals is nearly impossible without involvement of every single employee.
HR departments can start the adoption of sustainable practices since recruitment, onboarding, and training, as HR professionals can ingrain sustainability into new employees´ view of the company. HR can also implement sustainable practices throughout employee daily tasks. Just by setting up a software that tracks attendance, takes care of planning and scheduling, launching a cloud-base server, holding meetings online, or installing recycling boxes inside of the company, HR teams can improve efficiency within the organization while reducing their carbon footprint by saving paper and other resources, which in the end, pays off in dollars.
HR is crucial in securing both cultural and technological changes. Besides implementing sustainable systems and preaching about sustainability, the HR team can also motivate employees to be involved in volunteer projects or helping a charity. When employees live sustainably, they will try to minimize waste within the company as well. Furthermore, sustainability focused companies are viewed more favourably by the public, including the company’s customers and clients. It can also attract new talent, as many of them put ethics over profit, in order to create a better world.

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3 responses to “Why does HR play a key role in a company’s sustainability?”

  1. Minh Tien Trubač says:

    This post makes a lot of sense. It’s not just about the environment. It’s also about the money side and how people fit in. Little things like using software for scheduling and holding meetings online can make a big difference, plus the idea of getting employees involved in volunteer projects is a win-win helping both the community and the company’s image.

    • Stefano Iannello says:

      our idea of involving employees in volunteer projects is indeed a win-win situation. It not only enhances the company’s image but also fosters a sense of community and purpose among employees. Engaging in volunteer activities can have positive effects on employee morale, team building, and overall job satisfaction. It’s a fantastic way to contribute to the community while simultaneously creating a positive and socially responsible image for the company.

  2. Jana Balangová says:

    Very good post. It is true that many people look at company’s corporate social responsibility, especially in this century. I would like to add that some companies enter into partnerships on the basis of environmental support. This could mean collaboration with companies on the basis of the supply of sustainable or eco materials, the use of renewable resources, or the support of companies dedicated to the environment in general.

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